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Stacey & Geoff, June 20, 2020

"Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever." A quote that greeted each guest as wedding favor from the bride and groom. At first it took me a minute to understand...

"Isn't today the best day ever?"

Well sure, it's definitely one to remember! Their wedding day happened in a post pandemic year, with very high uncertainties and some re-planning! Stacey and Geoff busted their butts getting their home and barn wedding ready and they did such an amazing job! It was the perfect back yard wedding! So yes, their wedding day is ONE of the best days ever... but tomorrow... tomorrow will bring the best days of their life. Tomorrow brings hope, ups and downs, sickness and health. Tomorrow brings companionship, trust, kindness, patience and most of all love. Love through it all and may each tomorrow bring you both an even stronger love!

Their wedding couldn't have gone any better! The gentlemen got their day started with a nice refreshing "dip" in the pond while the ladies were, of course, getting ready. The day continued with a perfect "first look" and off to the ceremony, in what I can only call the best chauffeur service available... side by sides/razors/ mavericks all escorting the bridal party to the ceremony. With their family and friends who traveled from all over, they vowed before them all, their love and sealed their marriage with a shotgun kiss! A short walked to an amazing decorated pole barn and a toast to the happy couple at 6:20PM on their 06/20/2020 wedding day! Perfectly timed!

The night was topped off with delicious BBQ from BoneHeads and amazing desserts. Then, dance time! They even had a line dance instructor come and teach us all a few moves! And for those that stayed till closing time, they ended their night with past memories and a cozy bonfire.

Cheers to your tomorrow, Mr. + Mrs. Van't Hof!

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